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So, you want to design and install your custom SeaDek, but you don't know where to begin...

Chesapeake Manufacturing has an extensive SeaDek database of boat mold designs.  However, depending on the make and model of your boat, each mold can vary, lending the in-stock template to be inaccurate.  If your boat falls into this category then it is likely your SeaDek pads will have to be created from a template. You have the option to create your own templates (see video below) or opt for templating services from a certified fabricator or installer such as Chesapeake Mfg.

DIY: Please watch the SeaDek Template Video on this screen for instructions on how to create proper templates. Template Kits may be purchased by calling Chesapeake Manufacturing, LLC (484) 947-8677. We can then take the template you created and generate the custom designed SeaDek from your template and ship it to you for installation.

If you would prefer to have "Certified SeaDek Templating", you may call (484) 947-8677 to schedule a date and time for a "Certified SeaDek Fabricator" to  template your boat.  Templating and installation can be completed at your location should your boat not be mobile.  

Our technicians employ the latest in mobile digitizing technology, allowing for quick data transfer from the digitizer to the CAD program for final pattern design and customization.

Once the patterns are complete, they will be printed on a poly film for a final dry-fit to confirm quality alignment prior to the final parts being cut.  If modification is required, the adjustments are made in the digital pattern design and sent to the CNC router where your custom parts will take shape. 

Once the parts are complete and cataloged, our technician will contact you to confirm a time for final installation to transform your boats look and comfort.

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